1. Foodica WordPress Theme by WPZoom


    Responsive recipe and food WordPress theme

    Foodica is a WordPress theme designed to create stunning food websites and blogs.

    Whether you’re sharing recipes, running a food blog, or have a food-related website – this theme was built for you!

  2. iCook WordPress Theme by TeslaThemes


    Responsive WordPress theme for recipes

    iCook was designed for those wishing to share recipes in a simple and straightforward way.

    The layout features a more traditional blog-style design which makes it a great choice for food blogging and allows your visitors to easily find what it is that they are looking for.

  3. Salt & Pepper WordPress Theme by TeslaThemes

    Salt & Pepper

    An all-in-one recipe theme for WordPress

    Salt and Pepper is a powerful and robust WordPress theme for recipe blogs and sites that not only features a fully-responsive layout and design, but allows visitors to access a recipes filter, ingredient list, and much more.

  4. Big Spoon WordPress Theme by TemplateMonster

    Big Spoon

    Cooking blog and recipe WordPress theme

    Big Spoon is a food theme for WordPress designed for bloggers or sites in the culinary and food industry that allows you to share everything from recipes and photos to blog posts and articles.

    The theme is fully responsive, includes custom post types, supports WordPress’ native post formats, more than 80+ built-in shortcodes, optimized for SEO, custom-built widgets included, and a variety of other features that make creating the perfect site effortlessly simple and easy.

  5. Brunch Pro Genesis Child Theme for WordPress by StudioPress

    Brunch Pro

    Recipes and food blogging Genesis child theme for WordPress

    Brunch Pro is a child theme for the Genesis framework that was created by the same team that brought you StudioPress’ most popular theme (Foodie Pro) – it’s unmatched in design, features, and functionality.

    With a minimalist design that is both responsive and modern, it allows you to share content and recipes with your visitors on one of the most optimized frameworks for WordPress ever created – Genesis.

  6. Petit WordPress Theme by WPZoom


    Recipe theme for WordPress

    Petit sets itself apart from many of the other WordPress themes for recipes with custom enhancements that are found throughout the design.

    Individual pages can be rated and reviewed, display ingredients for each item, show how many each dish serves, and display the amount of time it takes to prepare. In addition to the recipe features, it also has a content carousel and elegantly styled directions to walk your visitors through the preparation process step-by-step.

  7. Yumblog WordPress Theme by UpThemes


    Premium food and recipe WordPress theme

    Yumblog includes the premium Cooked WordPress plugin included (a $25 value), this theme makes displaying recipes and food articles easier than ever.

    The responsive design ensures a consistent user experience no matter what type of device your visitor is viewing your site on, while the built-in drag-and-drop page-building functionality allows you to lay out your site exactly how you want.

  8. Foodie Pro Genesis Child Theme for WordPress by StudioPress

    Foodie Pro

    Powerful food and recipe WordPress theme for Genesis

    Foodie Pro is perhaps the most feature-packed WordPress theme for the Genesis Framework, the ultimate theme for food and recipe blogs/sites.

    With a powerful recipe index and management system, responsive layout, and beautiful, minimalist design – it offers everything you could need for your food website or blog.

  9. Neptune WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    WordPress theme for chefs, food blogs, and recipes

    Neptune combines a unique and stylish design with powerful web features to deliver a one-of-a-kind food theme unlike anything you might have come across.

    Features: ingredients listing, nutritional information, built-in Rich Snippets, theme options panel, integrated social media accounts/networks, split recipes into multiple steps, “related recipes” block, “reading mode” that displays only the ingredients and directions, cooking/prep timer, recipe meta data, instant recipe search, and dozens more.

  10. Bacon WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    User-generated recipe WordPress theme

    Bacon is unique among the recipe themes – in addition to simply posting recipes, it allows your visitors to create their own accounts and/or submit recipes of their own.

    Inside you will find: social media account login functionality (via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more than a dozen other social media sites), individual dashboards for users, the ability for users to “favorite/love” recipes, and a compelling design.

  11. Basil Recipes WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Basil Recipes

    WordPress theme built for recipes

    Basil Recipes offers a robust solution for anyone wanting a website whose primarily focus is on sharing and publishing recipes.

    Features: accept front-end recipe submissions, visitors can create a “favorites” recipe list, visitor accounts/dashboards, custom recipe content/image slider, display nutritional information alongside recipes, integration with Schema.org and rich snippets, custom widgets, shortcodes, built-in timer, multiple recipe layout options, and more.

  12. Talisa WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    WordPress food recipe theme

    Talisa is a beautiful and strikingly-designed WordPress theme for recipes that allows you to create a site that has all the components necessary to flourish.

    Just a handful of the many features you will find: the ability to “favorite” recipes, allow visitors to submit recipes of their own, built-in recipe rating system, unlimited color schemes to choose from, responsive layout and design that is retina-ready, and a myriad of other features like a full-width image on the homepage that you and your visitors will love.

  13. SaltKitchen WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Responsive restaurant, food, or recipes theme for WordPress

    SaltKitchen is one of the most advanced, customizable, and feature-rich WordPress themes for recipes available anywhere.

    The style and presentation of your recipes will leave an immediate and long-lasting impression with your visitors – with a clean and elegant design that encourages sharing or bookmarking your site. It is versatile and flexible enough to be used as a restaurant website, food blog, or any other type of site that deals with the culinary arts.

  14. The Kitchen Table WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    The Kitchen Table

    Responsive recipes WordPress theme

    The Kitchen Table caters to those looking for only the most modern and up-to-date designs.

    This recipe theme includes a host of features: parallax design features, sticky sidebars, tabbed single post elements, multiple layout views (grid and list), elegant animation effects, ingredients and instruction/direction components – which gives your visitors the ability to check off their list (a cool feature you will want to see for yourself).

  15. Food & Cook WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Food & Cook

    Responsive and versatile recipe WordPress theme

    Food & Cook is a highly customizable and extendable theme for WordPress that provides you with nearly unlimited options which allow you to create a recipe and food site that is truly your own.

    It includes nearly a dozen templates/layouts, integration with microdata for Google (which allows the search engine to display rich snippets from your site), includes star ratings/reviews, and has a featured content slider, and incorporates social elements that allows your visitors to submit and share their own recipes.

  16. Forkbite WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Restaurant and recipe theme for WordPress

    Forkbite features multimedia elements prominently throughout the layout and design.

    Able to work for a restaurant or recipe website, it contains a myriad of features that allow you to change the various components to fit your needs. Premium sliders are included in the package while you can build a social aspect into your website by offering your visitors the ability to submit recipes to be posted to the site.

  17. Ingredients WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Simple recipe theme for WordPress

    Ingredients is a simple and straightforward theme for posting and sharing your favorite recipes.

    It has a number of features that come in especially useful including: ingredients list, directions for preparing, a printer-friendly button, sticky navigation menu, and star ratings. Via custom post types you can easily create specific sections and categories using the specially-style single posts.

  18. Food Recipes WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Food Recipes

    WordPress recipes theme

    Food Recipes is an advanced WordPress recipe theme which will give your website or blog an ultra-modern and highly professional-looking site to display your recipes and food-related articles.

    From the featured content sliders, star ratings and reviews, and many options for adding additional meta information – it’s one of the best-looking and feature-rich themes of its kind.

  19. Florentine WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Responsive recipe WordPress theme

    Florentine offers those looking for a state-of-the-art recipe and blogging WordPress theme, a solution that provides everything you might want!

    Features include: modal popup windows for sharing and newsletters, responsive layout and design, built-in ratings and bookmarking system, user profile pages, “cookmode”, ingredients and step-by-step lists, print-ready styling, 19 custom-built modules, and much more.

  20. Sprout & Spoon WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Sprout & Spoon

    Recipe and food blog WordPress theme

    Sprout & Spoon was built for recipe and food bloggers, who will love the design and features found in this premium WordPress theme.

    Featuring a beautiful layout, large featured content area on the homepage, a recipe index, and the custom-built Solo Pine recipe card plugin – it offers unmatched style and functionality.

  21. Pistacia WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Responsive WooCommerce restaurant and recipe WordPress theme

    Pistacia features WooCommerce support/integration that allows you to sell items directly from your site, a responsive layout and design, and a custom recipe manager that makes listing and sharing recipes easier than ever – this theme provides a fresh look that you and your visitors are sure to love.

    Its dual functionality allows it to be used as either a restaurant or recipe website (or both).

  22. Grain & Knot WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Grain & Knot

    Responsive food and recipes WordPress theme

    Grain & Knot is a great theme whether you’re running a food blog or a cooking information site, giving you the perfect platform to build your site.

    With a responsive layout and design, robust and powerful recipe management system, the ability to customize nearly every aspect of your design, and numerous other features – it provides both an eye-catching appeal and unmatched features.

  23. Spiced Blog WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Spiced Blog

    Food blogger theme for WordPress

    Spiced Blog features a recipe card plugin you can easily display recipes on your blog, the post “like” feature built-in allows you to enhance your site, and responsive layout and design ensures a great user experience no matter what type of device your visitors are viewing your site on.

    Simple and beautiful, this is the perfect theme for food bloggers.

  24. Culinier WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    WordPress theme for food and recipes

    Culinier is flexible enough to be used as a food blog, recipes website, or even a restaurant site – it’s a theme that provides an unmatched set of design elements and features.

    Built into the theme you will find: a bookmarking system, masonry/grid layout option, recipe review/ratings system, as well as front and back-end recipe uploading capabilities.

  25. Chow WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Food and recipe WordPress theme

    Chow is responsive and optimized for search engines, featuring built-in rich snippets that allow your listings to display the stars you have seen in search engines.

    With a powerful recipe manager, instruction list, ingredients management, and a host of other features – this would make an excellent choice for any food or recipes website or blog.

  26. Recipe WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Fast-loading recipe WordPress theme

    Recipe is a responsive theme was designed for performance, boasting lightning-fast load times, a beautiful design, and dozens of features for food and recipe sites.

    With a robust recipe management system that has been built into the theme, it includes: ratings, ingredients list, step-by-step instructions, multimedia support, nutritional contents, custom-designed icons, “like” system, print functionality, views, and more.

  27. Gustos WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Community-driven, social recipe theme for WordPress

    Gustos is one of the most full-featured and powerful community-driven WordPress recipe themes to be found anywhere, with unmatched features and capabilities you won’t find in other themes.

    Features: user dashboards, the ability to private message other members, set “Cooking Levels” to display the difficulty in preparing each dish, the ability to follow other members, detailed member information (like last login, “My Recipes” section, profile views, and more), and dozens of other features.

  28. Recipes WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Responsive, Retina-ready recipe WordPress theme

    Recipes was built exclusively for creating a state-of-the-art recipe website, dozens of features and options have been included or built into this theme to give you an amazing website.

    Features: custom post type for recipes, front-end submission of recipes, AJAX features, member directory/index, lazy loading of images, custom meta data for recipes, support/integration for rich snippets/Schema.org, print stylesheets, built-in ad zones, unlimited color schemes, powerful recipe search, ratings, and more.

  29. myRecipes WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    WordPress theme for recipes

    myRecipes features a unique design, custom features and options, and a clean and modern look for creating a great recipe site.

    An included colorbox allows for easily creating modal popup windows, while custom sidebars and widgets allow for high flexibility and customization to give you the things you’re wanting on your site.

  30. Quick Recipe WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Quick Recipe

    Powerful, optimized WordPress theme with visitor submitted recipes

    Quick Recipe is a great platform for building out a food or recipe website – with the ability to easily post recipes (including front-end posting from visitors to share their own), it’s a powerful and robust solution that will give you a feature-rich and state-of-the-art site.

    It includes WooCommerce integration and support as well, allowing you to easily sell products, services, or create an online shop.

  31. Bella Recipe WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Bella Recipe

    WordPress theme for recipes, hotels, and restaurants

    Bella Recipe is a flexible and versatile theme that not only allows you to share your recipes (via a custom post type), but is able to function as a site for a hotel or restaurant.

    Events management, WooCommerce support, and a host of different theme options and features make it a very compelling choice for a business or restaurant.

  32. SocialChef WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Community cooking and recipe theme

    SocialChef was built to allow you to create an online food, cooking, or recipe-sharing community.

    Integrations with bbPress, BuddyPress, and numerous theme options in the admin area – it provides a full-featured community solution that you and your visitors are sure to love.

  33. Foodbook WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Advanced, multi-function recipe and food WordPress theme

    Foodbook is one of the most advanced and feature-rich recipe and food theme for WordPress on the market. With three different and unique styles to choose from (community, blog, and restaurant) – it offers unmatched performance and features.

    Optimized for usability, speed, and SEO – it includes: responsive and Retina-ready layout, image preloading, custom post types for recipes, front-end submission of recipes, ratings and reviews (as well as “likes”), and more.

About this collection…

Whether you want to share your favorite foods and recipes with friends or family, or you’re trying to build out a site to attract visitors of all kinds – there are many WordPress themes for creating an amazing-looking (and functioning) site that allows you to display everything you might want about a particular dish.

Many theme roundups typically toss restaurant, food, and recipe solutions into one post – however, operating a restaurant website requires a totally different type of layout and style than one whose primary focus is on displaying recipes. In this collection, we have gathered only those themes that primarily focus on aggregating and displaying recipes.

Most of these WordPress themes allow you to (amongst other things) list your ingredients, share your content, ratings and reviews, and even include specific information like the amount of time it takes to make each item.

From personal food sites and blogs to commercial publications, these are some of the very best WordPress themes that you are bound to come across in the hunt for that perfect, elusive recipe theme.

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