WordPress Question & Answer Plugins
  1. WordPress Question & Answer Themes

    7+ Question & Answer Themes for WordPress

    A collection of WordPress question and answer themes

    If you’re looking for a complete recipe solution for your next website or blog, this hand-picked roundup offers some of the best WordPress recipe themes you will find anywhere.

  2. AskIt WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes


    Complete question and answers solution for WordPress

    AskIt – is technically more of a WordPress theme than a plugin, does offer a total solution for those looking to create a Q&A site (or section within an existing website).

    It’s a full-featured solution that offers all of the functionality, support, and features that you would want – and since it’s from Elegant Themes, you’ll get access to all 87+ of their WordPress themes when you join.

  3. WP-Answers WordPress Plugin


    A WordPress plugin and/or theme for creating a question and answer system

    WP-Answers offers a complete solution for creating a question and answer website (or section for an existing site).

    It can be used as a plugin for an existing site or comes with its own theme if you’re wanting to set up a completely independent or new site.

  4. Sabai Discuss WordPress Plugin via CodeCanyon

    Sabai Discuss

    Premium WordPress answers plugin

    Sabai Discuss is possibly the most advanced plugin in this collection.

    With features galore, it gives anyone who uses it one of the most comprehensive and complete answers solutions.

  5. DQ Question & Answer Pro WordPress Plugin via CodeCanyon

    DW Question & Answer Pro

    Feature-packed WordPress questions and answers plugin

    DW Question & Answer Pro provides one of the most comprehensive, complete, feature-rich, and advanced plugins for WordPress answer sites (or sections) that you will find offered anywhere.

    Every last detail has been given special attention to this free plugin, from the beautiful design qualities to the amazing features and functionality – it’s all packed into this robust solution.

  6. AnsPress WordPress Plugin


    Free WordPress plugin for a question and answers system

    AnsPress is a great-looking plugin that may become one of the most popular options for those looking to create a question and answer section for their site.

  7. Question Answer WordPress Plugin

    Question Answer

    A free plugin that allows you to create a question and answers site (or section)

    Question Answer gives you the ability to set up a question and answer section on your existing website or blog.

    Features Include: Schema.org support/integration, the ability to easily create archive and account pages via shortcode, and front-end submission of questions.

WooCommerce Question & Answer Plugins
  1. WooCommerce Product FAQs WordPress Plugin

    WooCommerce Product FAQs

    Create product tabs for frequently asked questions on your WooCommerce site

    WooCommerce Product FAQs allows you to easily create a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section for each of your products with this free WordPress plugin.

  2. YITH WooCommerce Questions & Answers WordPress Plugin

    YITH WooCommerce Questions and Answers

    Free WordPress plugin that creates an Amazon-style question and answer (FAQ) section for products

    YITH WooCommerce Questions and Answers will give your visitors the ability to comment, ask questions, and discuss your products on each page.

    It will give you a commenting/question system similar to Amazon.com’s and is displayed in a separate tab on each individual product’s page.

  3. WooDiscuz WordPress Plugin


    A free WordPress plugin that allows questions, discussions, and voting on your products

    WooDiscuz is a free plugin that gives you added features and functionality for your products.

    Those using WooCommerce to power their store will find that this adds an extra layer of depth, content, and customer satisfaction by allowing your visitors to comment, question, and even vote on answers for each individual product.

About this collection…

Over the past few years there has been much interest in question and answer (Q&A) sites. Entire businesses have been built around this particular content and publishing model (Yahoo! Answers, Quora, StackExchange, ChaCha, and others) – all vying to provide the most succinct or comprehensive solution for their website’s visitors.

It’s certainly an attractive business model relying heavily upon user-generated content – which not only creates an ever-growing, evergreen site, but has also proven to attract a lot of search engine traffic and social sharing as well.

Many have undertaken an effort to create a site of their own or created a special section on their existing site, giving them leverage in both the social media sharing aspect and the SEO benefits that can accompany these types of websites.

Fortunately, instead of building a question and answers solution from scratch – there are a handful of ready-made plugins for WordPress that can bring the functionality to your site.

While you may have browsed my question and answer theme roundup (which provides complete solutions to this model), the items listed on this page take a more specialized approach in the form of plugins.

These plugins can be especially useful for those looking to add functionality to an already-existing site.

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