1. Notebook WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes


    Pinterest-style theme for WordPress

    Notebook was designed to allow you to showcase your multimedia (or other content) in a clean and elegant way, somewhat in a Pinterest-style layout.

    Perfect for displaying collections of items, curating your favorite things, showcasing your portfolio, or even as a traditional blog – it is a versatile and highly adaptable solution for many different types of sites.

  2. Urban WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Pinterest-style theme for WordPress

    Urban is a Pinterest-inspired WordPress theme for bloggers that delivers a clean and easy-to-navigate layout that is paired with unmatched versatility.

    While a little different from some of the other themes in this roundup in terms of functionality, this theme provides a similar look and feel of Pinterest with its grid-style layout and minimalist design.

  3. Pinable WordPress Theme by Theme Junkie


    Pinterest-like/Behance-style WordPress theme

    Pinable is a theme that replicates many of the design elements and features you might see on Pinterest.com or Behance.net.

    Visitors can click on the media (images, photos, etc.) to view them in a larger format, see how many times each post has been viewed, and “like” each post so visitors can see which items are the most popular – it also is a responsive design with the infinite scrolling that Pinterest made so popular.

  4. Pinstagram WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Pinterest-style theme for WordPress

    Pinstagram is a modern solution that takes its inspiration from the popular “interests-pinning” site Pinterest.

    The theme incorporates features which include: SEO-optimized, Schema.org integration (for rich snippets), fully responsive design, HTML5 and CSS3, built-in lightbox, theme options panel, optimized for AdSense, and other features you’re sure to love.

  5. Pinboard WordPress Theme by Themify


    Responsive WordPress theme like Pinterest

    Pinboard is a responsive theme that offers much of the functionality and features of Pinterest.

    It includes: an infinite scrolling element, auto-stacking containers (so your content looks good on any size screen), is compatible with WordPress MultiSite, and supports multimedia effortlessly so whether you’re posting photos, videos, or content – it will all look great with this design.

  6. Pinfinity WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Tumblr/Pinterest-like WordPress theme

    Pinfinity draws inspiration from both Tumblr and Pinterest to deliver a WordPress theme that is appealing and engaging for your visitors.

    Your posts are laid out in a grid-like fashion, with distinct formatting and styling for different content (photos, videos, standard posts, etc.). A responsive layout ensures your site looks great across all devices, while infinite scrolling, and the ability for visitors to “favorite” items – make it a great choice.

  7. Grido WordPress Theme by Themify


    Grid layout Tumblr-style WordPress theme

    Grido is a Tumblr-style theme for WordPress that uses a grid-based layout to deliver your content.

    With a Pinterest-style design, you are able to share your posts (via the supported post formats: video, audio, etc.), while the multimedia takes advantage of built-in lightbox functionality – delivering a site that is both beautiful, feature-rich, and highly customizable.

  8. Pinmaister WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Modern, grid-style WordPress theme like Pinterest

    Pinmaister is a modern and trendy Pinterest-style WordPress theme with state-of-the-art coding that adheres to the latest web development techniques and trends.

    With a Retina-ready layout, this design ensures that your site looks great on all screen sizes, features a grid layout, a very bold and easy to navigate design, and dozens of other features.

  9. Blogojoy WordPress Theme by TeslaThemes


    Grid-style WordPress theme

    Blogojoy offers a unique way to display your blog content – with a stylish and modern grid-style design.

    A large, featured image slider sits above your content, while the theme includes: a responsive layout, the Slider Revolution plugin (a $19 value), multiple post views/templates, built-in shortcodes, and a clean design for aesthetics and usability.

  10. Collection WordPress Theme by Theme Junkie


    Pinterest-style gallery theme for WordPress

    Collection is perfect for displaying your work or showcasing content. With a somewhat Pinterest-style feel to it, it is unique enough to stand on its own without fear of merely being a clone of the popular site.

    Show off your latest projects, allow visitors to view your work – it comes with special styling and setup for support of custom post types and WordPress’ native post formats – giving you complete control over the different elements of your site.

  11. Pinty WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    WordPress material design theme like Pinterest

    Pinty is a clean and elegant WordPress theme for creating your own Pinterest-style website or blog, using the popular Material Design look.

About this collection…

When a site grows as fast and becomes as popular as Pinterest has, you can be sure that people are going to notice and start trying to recreate the look and functionality.

WordPress theme designers and developers have seen an ever-growing demand for themes that look and function like Pinterest – and in the process released some truly amazing options for you to choose from.

While some of the themes in this roundup might seem like “clones” of Pinterest, many offer unique features and functionality that you might not find in just a pure recreation and duplication of the site.

Whether you’re curating content, showing off images, or looking for a design for a typical blog – this collection should help get you started on the right track.

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