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  1. Walmart Logo


    Revenue: $500,343 billion

  2. State Grid Corporation of China Logo

    State Grid Corporation of China

    Revenue: $348,903 billion

  3. Sinopec Logo


    Revenue: $326,953 billion

  4. China National Petroleum Logo

    China National Petroleum

    Revenue: $326,008 billion

  5. Royal Dutch Shell Logo

    Royal Dutch Shell

    Revenue: $311,870 billion

  6. Toyota Logo


    Revenue: $265,172 billion

  7. Volkswagen Logo


    Revenue: $260,028 billion

  8. BP Logo


    Revenue: $244,582 billion

  9. ExxonMobil Logo

    Exxon Mobil

    Revenue: $244,363 billion

  10. Berkshire Hathaway Logo

    Berkshire Hathaway

    Revenue: $242,137 billion

  11. Apple Logo


    Revenue: $229,234 billion

  12. Samsung Logo


    Revenue: $211,940 billion

  13. McKesson Logo


    Revenue: $208,357 billion

  14. Glencore Logo


    Revenue: $205,476 billion

  15. UnitedHealth Logo


    Revenue: $201,159 billion

  16. Daimler Logo


    Revenue: $185,235 billion

  17. CVS Health Logo

    CVS Health

    Revenue: $184,765 billion

  18. Amazon Logo


    Revenue: $177,866 billion

  19. Exor Logo


    Revenue: $161,677 billion

  20. AT&T Logo


    Revenue: $160,546 billion

  21. General Motors Logo

    General Motors

    Revenue: $157,311 billion

  22. Ford Logo


    Revenue: $156,776 billion

  23. China State Construction Logo

    China State Construction

    Revenue: $156,071 billion

  24. Foxconn Logo


    Revenue: $154,699 billion

  25. AmerisourceBergen Logo


    Revenue: $153,144 billion

  26. Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Logo

    Industrial & Commercial Bank of China

    Revenue: $153,021 billion

  27. AXA Logo


    Revenue: $149,461 billion

  28. Total Logo


    Revenue: $149,099 billion

  29. Ping An Insurance Logo

    Ping An Insurance

    Revenue: $144,197 billion

  30. Honda Logo


    Revenue: $138,646 billion

  31. China Construction Bank Logo

    China Construction Bank

    Revenue: $138,594 billion

  32. Trafigura Logo


    Revenue: $136,421 billion

  33. Chevron Logo


    Revenue: $134,533 billion

  34. Cardinal Health Logo

    Cardinal Health

    Revenue: $129,976 billion

  35. Costco Logo


    Revenue: $129,025 billion

  36. SAIC Motor Logo

    SAIC Motor

    Revenue: $128,819 billion

  37. Verizon Logo


    Revenue: $126,034 billion

  38. Allianz Logo


    Revenue: $123,532 billion

  39. Kroger Logo


    Revenue: $122,662 billion

  40. Agricultural Bank of China Logo

    Agricultural Bank of China

    Revenue: $122,366 billion

  41. GE Logo

    General Electric

    Revenue: $122,274 billion

  42. China Life Insurance Logo

    China Life Insurance

    Revenue: $120,224 billion

  43. Walgreens Boots Alliance Logo

    Walgreens Boots Alliance

    Revenue: $118,214 billion

  44. BNP Paribas Logo

    BNP Paribas

    Revenue: $117,375 billion

  45. Japan Post Holdings Logo

    Japan Post Holdings

    Revenue: $116,616 billion

  46. Bank of China Logo

    Bank of China

    Revenue: $115,423 billion

  47. JP Morgan Chase Logo

    JP Morgan Chase

    Revenue: $113,899 billion

  48. Fannie Mae Logo

    Fannie Mae

    Revenue: $112,394 billion

  49. Gazprom Logo


    Revenue: $111,983 billion

  50. Prudential Logo


    Revenue: $111,458 billion

About this collection…

The largest companies in the world possess some of the most recognizable and distinctive logos on Earth.

These companies have built some of the foundations around which we live our lives: retail, automotive, financial services, telecommunications and energy, the staples of our daily lives. They employ millions of people around the globe and are used by millions every day. Whether we consciously acknowledge it or not, they continually build their brand through their advertisements and campaigns and reinforce the power of their logo on us as consumers.

Gathered here are the logos of the top 100 largest companies and corporations in the world (using data from Wikipedia). From the plain and simple logos like Berkshire Hathaway and Glencore to the more colorful and playful logos of Ford and Walmart, they represent billions of dollars in annual revenues.

You will notice the dominant use of reds, blues and oranges throughout their designs, aimed at reinforcing trust, excitement and energy in the minds of consumers.

Since many of these companies are huge conglomerates with many subsidiaries in different industries, you may also notice that many have a more generic or broad appeal and are somewhat ambiguous in their nature.

When dealing with multiple products that you wish to brand under one name, it allows flexibility and freedom when you do not put yourself in a corner with a logo design that conveys only one aspect of a company.

Nearly every one of the companies below could potentially be used in an industry that has nothing to do with their current operations, allowing them to merge, acquire and grow business without the need to rebrand their core company.

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