1. Divi WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes


    One of the world’s most popular WordPress themes

    Divi is one of the most powerful, flexible, and robust WordPress themes ever released – with eCommerce functionality powered by WooCommerce.

    Features: responsive design and layout, a “building block” theme that allows you to arrange and customize the appearance of your pages, secure coding verified and validated by Sucuri, 20+ pre-built layouts, multiple header options/layouts, and is one of the most secure and optimized WordPress themes found anywhere.

  2. Foxy WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes


    Modern business and eCommerce WordPress theme

    Foxy is a fun and modern WordPress theme that was built for businesses and eCommerce-powered by WooCommerce.

    Features include: responsive layout and design, eCommerce functionality (via WooCommerce), a beautiful content slider on the homepage, multiple page templates to choose from, unlimited color schemes to choose from, and a powerful theme options dashboard that allows you to customize the theme to your needs and liking.

  3. eCommerce WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Responsive WooCommerce WordPress theme

    eCommerce is a WordPress theme that was designed for today’s online storefront.

    Set up with a stunning and captivating design, this theme enables you to create a state-of-the-art online shop that is as functional and easy-to-use as it is aesthetically appealing.

  4. Harmony WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes


    Parallax music or band WooCommerce theme

    Harmony was designed for those in the music industry – including everything from multimedia streaming to selling merchandise online.

    The parallax design element is on display throughout the homepage, while additional content sections and features can be set up throughout the rest of the site.

  5. Hugo WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    High-end, luxury WooCommerce WordPress theme

    Hugo is a WordPress theme for eCommerce sites that will transform your site into a full-fledged, high-end, luxury, storefront that will help you build a brand and sell more stuff.

    Features: a one-of-a-kind layout, support and integration with WooCommerce, drag-and-drop homepage, custom widgets, multiple color schemes (even on a per page/post basis), optimized for speed and SEO, Retina-ready, and more options and extras that make it perfect for many types of online stores.

  6. StyleShop WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes


    Responsive eCommerce WordPress theme

    StyleShop is a crisp and modern eCommerce theme for WordPress that allows you to set up an online shop (with WooCommerce) in minutes.

    This theme is cross-browser compatible with a responsive layout (so it looks good on any size screen and any browser), with unlimited color schemes, theme options panel that gives you the ability to customize the various aspects of the theme to your needs, multiple page templates, shortcodes, and a beautiful design that is sure to impress your visitors.

  7. Hudson WordPress Theme by TeslaThemes


    Clean and modern WooCommerce theme for WordPress

    Hudson provides a clean, simple-to-navigate, and modern design for those wishing to set up an online store.

    It offers a number of custom features and is compatible with WooCommerce, the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress.

  8. Roku WordPress Theme by Theme Junkie


    Full-width parallax WooCommerce theme for WordPress

    Roku is a WordPress theme that was designed for eCommerce and boasts a clean design that integrates full-width pictures, sliders, parallax design effects, and more – it comes with a full set of features that will help your store stand out from the crowd.

    Sell anything from t-shirts and shoes to furniture and tech products.

  9. UltraSeven WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Easy-to-use WooCommerce theme

    UltraSeven is a very simple and straightforward WooCommerce theme that allows you to easily sell things on your WordPress-powered site.

  10. Balance WordPress Theme by WPZoom


    Ultra-clean and minimalist eCommerce (WooCommerce) theme

    Balance is a very clean, stylish, and minimalist WooCommerce theme for WordPress.

  11. Pinshop WordPress Theme by Themify


    Pinterest-inspired eCommerce WordPress theme

    Pinshop is an eCommerce theme that is based upon and inspired by Pinterest.

    It includes several features of the popular site including infinite scrolling and a grid-style layout, while still maintaining a unique look and design of its own. Using WooCommerce to power your online store, this theme delivers a refreshing experience for both the visitors to your site as well as the administrators.

  12. Simple Store WordPress Theme by BizzThemes

    Simple Store

    Very minimalist WooCommerce theme for WordPress

    Simple Store is a very simple and straightforward theme that was designed for simplicity, it has broken the checkout into a super-simple process – which ultimately leads to more conversions!

    Built with Twitter’s Bootstrap toolkit, supporting the popular WooCommerce plugin, and easy to customize and enhance via the theme options panel and integrated Font Awesome icons – it is one of the cleanest and easiest-to-use eCommerce themes available today.

  13. Neto WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Stylish and modern WooCommerce theme for WordPress

    Neto is a theme that gives you all of the functionality you could want for selling things online, paired with a stylish and modern design your shoppers will love.

  14. BiShop WordPress Theme by TeslaThemes


    Beautiful and creative WooCommerce theme for WordPress

    BiShop features all of the functionality you would expect from an eCommerce theme powered by WooCommerce – with the added benefit of a beautiful and modern, full-screen design that will entice shoppers and visitors.

  15. WooCart WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Responsive eCommerce (WooCommerce) theme for WordPress

    WooCart is a premium WooCommerce theme for WordPress that offers up an amazing array of features and functionality.

    No matter what type of online shop you’re setting up, what you will find with this theme provides you with everything you might need to start selling online.

  16. Zeon WordPress Theme by TeslaThemes


    Premium eCommerce WordPress theme

    Zeon is a modern, clean, and contemporary eCommerce theme for WordPress which was built for selling things online.

    Highly customizable and configurable, it is compatible with the extremely popular WooCommerce plugin by WooThemes and gives you cutting-edge style, functionality, and features.

  17. Amaryllis WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Classy and stylish theme for WooCommerce

    Amaryllis is a beautiful and elegant WordPress theme for eCommerce sites that delivers a sleek and professional look for your website.

    Unique in its appearance, the theme provides a classy design that is sure to catch the attention of your visitors and work ideally for nearly any type of industry or topic.

  18. Shopy WordPress Theme by Theme Junkie


    Classy and stylish theme for WooCommerce

    Shopy is a stylish and sophisticated theme designed for your online storefront.

    Boasting modern development techniques and a clean, minimalist design – it provides the perfect solution for your store.

  19. Flevr WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Creative and artistic WooCommerce WordPress theme

    Flevr is a stylish and elegant eCommerce theme for WordPress, allowing you to show off your creative side while still maintaining a professional image.

    Perfect for online shops that are wanting a somewhat modern and stylish design, the simple appearance masks a myriad of features and options – a very powerful theme for nearly any topic or industry.

  20. Modena WordPress Theme by WPZoom


    Salon and small business WordPress WooCommerce theme

    Modena is a modern, flat-style design theme that was designed with spas and salons in mind – but is robust and powerful enough to adapt to nearly any type of business.

    With directory features, custom templates and widgets, and even support for eCommerce functionality (WooCommerce specifically) – it is one of the most adaptable and versatile themes of its kind.

  21. Herringbone WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Minimalist WooCommerce theme

    Herringbone is a minimalist eCommerce theme for WordPress that will give your site an eye-catching style and identity.

    Subtle animation effects, a one-of-a-kind look, carefully-chosen fonts, and an uncluttered placement of design elements deliver a great-looking theme that is as versatile as it is captivating – whether you’re a fashion store or gadget site.

  22. Saha WordPress Theme by Theme Junkie


    Clean WordPress theme with WooCommerce integration

    Saha makes the perfect choice for those wanting a clean and elegant design for their eCommerce store – it’s packed with features, social media integration (Flickr gallery), and nearly limitless customization options where you’re free to set up the look of your site to suit your needs.

  23. Shopoholic WordPress Theme by Templatic


    WooCommerce fashion and shopping theme

    Shopoholic is a clean and modern eCommerce theme for WordPress that takes advantage of the powerful (and free) WooCommerce plugin, allowing you to set up an online shop in minutes.

    From the large, full-width image on the homepage to the detailed product pages and extra features – it’s a robust solution that should provide nearly anything you might need when wanting to sell stuff online.

  24. eMaxStore WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Multipurpose blog and eCommerce theme

    eMaxStore is a responsive and Retina-ready theme for WordPress that has been optimized for speed, performance, conversion, and SEO – providing you with a powerful content and WooCommerce-powered platform for your online store.

  25. Løge WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Minimalist WooCommerce theme for luxury products

    Løge is a theme powered by WooCommerce that would work well for any type of product(s), but especially for higher-end and luxury items with its clean and professional design.

  26. Flatshop WordPress Theme by Themify


    Mobile-friendly, unique WooCommerce theme

    Flatshop is a departure from the typical designs that you might find with WooCommerce-powered stores, with a creative and eye-catching design that is sure to impress and appeal to your visitors.

    Features: infinite scrolling or paginated navigation, unique slide-in menu and cart, fly-in animation effects, product lightboxes, parallax scrolling elements, unlimited product page/detail styling, a full-width content slider, and a responsive and Retina-ready design.

  27. Nozama WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    WooCommerce theme like Amazon

    Nozama (which is Amazon spelled backwards), is a WordPress theme powered by WooCommerce and inspired and designed like Amazon.com.

    It features clean design elements and a professional look that your visitors will feel immediately comfortable with.

  28. StorePro WordPress Theme by Theme Junkie


    Clean and minimalist WooCommerce theme for online stores

    StorePro allows you to show off your products in style with a clean and refreshing WooCommerce theme.

  29. Fashion Shop WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Fashion Shop

    Responsive eCommerce fashion theme

    Fashion Shop would make a great choice for those looking for an eCommerce theme for the style industry.

    Built to be compatible with WooCommerce, it not only gives you everything you need to create a great content site, but all the features you need to start selling things are included with the package.

About this collection…

With WordPress’ amazing functionality and the powerful (and free) WooCommerce plugin, selling things online has never been easier.

Whether you’re a small, independent shop just wanting to sell your products online or a large eCommerce business – there are plenty of styles, designs, and options to choose from when selecting the perfect theme for your business.

These themes offer countless possibilities and will hopefully get you on the right track for finding the perfect one.

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